Learn Your Cat’s Likes And Dislikes

A common remark from owners who are trying to train their cat is that it is like banging their head against a brick wall. “I try to do what I’m supposed to, but in all honesty it’s like the cat is training me to do what it wants”, they will say. And although there is […]

Litter Training Can Save Your Carpet

When you have a new cat, it is generally accepted that it is going to have its share of “little accidents” when it comes to using the toilet. As cats are creatures of instinct, it is only normal that, when it comes to performing natural bodily functions, it will basically respond to the “law of […]

Problem Meowing – How To Hush Your Cat

We all love cats. They are endlessly entertaining, cute as anything, and despite what some people might think they are highly affectionate. Indeed, once you have got the friendship of a cat you are pretty much set for life with your pet. They are highly faithful animals. That’s not to say, though, that they cannot […]