How Many Is A Crowd?

A large number of cat owners have more than one cat. There are varying reasons for this, and the reasons will often dictate the dynamic. Sometimes in a household, even though the pets are nominally a family animal, you will find that a cat (or a dog for that matter) is often referred to as […]

Humane Ways To Correct Problem Cat Behavior

It is certainly true that pain acts as a deterrent for just about any sentient creature. Therefore, if your cat has a tendency to exhibit problem behavior, it will become markedly less likely to do so if you inflict pain as a punishment. However, we have reached a stage where it is frowned upon for […]

How Cats See Us – And What It Means

It is frequently said that cats are not pets in the typical sense of the word. That is to say that, although a dog feels very much that its owner is its master, a cat thinks very much that it owns its owner, and that we are their humans rather than them being our cats. […]