How Noise Aversion Can Work For You

Training a cat does not need to be any more difficult than training a dog. In fact, you will find that as long as you are faithful to the principles of cat training and discipline, that your cat will respect your authority and behave more reasonably. However, it is important to remember that the conferment […]

Letting Your Cat Train Itself

There is absolutely no doubt that cats are among the most inquisitive creatures on this planet. In fact, they have this in common with humans in many ways. Just as humans are wired up to look at the way something works and consider how it might be improved, so cats have a tendency to explore […]

Is This A Good Time?

When you want your cat to behave in a sane, reasonable manner it is only right to teach it good behavior, and to give it the kind if conditions that allow it to feel loved and feel love in return – this way, it is a lot less likely to react to things in a […]